English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (Trouble!) - Exercise 5-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Her parents sure _______________ at her when she told them she had lost their credit card.
2. He was arrested after being caught _______________ some food in the supermarket.
3. My brother really _______________ my dad. Sometimes when I look at him, I almost think it's my father.
4. He meant to keep it secret, but he _______________ by telling his wife everything about his affair.
5. We tried to _______________ but the woman at reception said they didn't have any reservation under our name.
6. He had a chipped tooth and a black eye after getting _______________ by another kid at school.
7. The men who _______________ the jewellery store were disguised as old ladies.
8. Don't try to go too fast on your bicycle when you're going down the hill because the road is kind of wet and you might _______________.
9. We _______________ as long as we could at the ferry but you didn't arrive and we had to board.
10. I can't believe you _______________ the chance to go travelling in Europe just because your stupid boyfriend wouldn't go with you.
11. My parents _______________ when they saw my tattoo.
12. Our washing machine has _______________ again; I think we need to get a new one.
13. When we were _______________ of the hotel, we realized that we had left some clothes in our room.
14. The two guys were going to start fighting but their girlfriends told them to _______________ or they would dump them.
15. My son was so scared on his first day of kindergarten that he wouldn't _______________ of my hand for over an hour.
16. If you see the man who sold you this computer, please _______________ to me.