English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (General 4) - Exercise 7-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I know I said I'd help you move into your new apartment on the weekend, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to _______________ you because I have to go out of town for work.
2. She divorced her husband after she discovered he was _______________ her with his secretary.
3. Hey, why don't we _______________ on my parents while we're in town. I'm sure they'd love to meet you.
4. You just need to _______________ your name; don't worry about the other information.
5. My boss will _______________ when I tell him I'm quitting.
6. He was stopped and held by the police after being seen trying to _______________ a computer store.
7. The prisoners _______________ by hiding in the dirty laundry that was taken away for washing.
8. I'm not going to _______________ your excuses anymore. If you're late again, you're fired!
9. The teacher _______________ a couple of students who hadn't done their homework.
10. I don't know how Christine _______________ trying to raise 3 children all by herself.
11. I _______________ a few notes during the meeting so I wouldn't forget anything.
12. He tried to _______________ his real parents after he found out he had been adopted.
13. You can use a computer program to _______________ those photos if you need to.
14. We need to _______________ a number of discussion topics for tomorrow's conversation class.
15. I think my boyfriend is scared of my dad. He _______________ as soon as my dad got home from work.