English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (General 4) - Exercise 7-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I've got a message for your boss. You'd better _______________.
2. I can't believe your boyfriend made you wait for him for almost an hour. I hope you _______________.
3. I want to _______________ a good name for the story I wrote for my creative writing class.
4. My mom _______________ when she found a package of cigarettes in the pocket of my pants while she was doing the laundry.
5. At my job interview they gave me a bunch of forms to _______________ and told me to come back next week for training.
6. As soon as Santa had finished delivering the Christmas presents, he _______________ back to the North Pole.
7. Somebody _______________ my neighbour's place and stole their computer system.
8. My mom had to _______________ a lot when I was young because we were always moving around to new cities when my dad got transferred.
9. We're hoping to _______________ for the weekend, maybe camping or maybe just a day hike.
10. We were supposed to go to the movie together but he _______________ me and he didn't even apologize for it.
11. I didn't have much money when I was travelling but I had just enough to _______________.
12. She just _______________ her eye shadow and put on some fresh lipstick before going out.
13. My uncle usually _______________ on my wife and I when he's in town.
14. Hillary remained loyal to her husband even after he _______________ her,
15. In Star Trek, the mission of crew of the Starship Enterprise was to _______________ new life and new civilizations thoughout the universe.