English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (General 5) - Exercise 8-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. A proper summary only includes the main points and _______________ the little details.
2. We'd better grab a seat right away, the theatre is _______________ really fast.
3. We’d better _______________ the living room because my mother is coming to visit.
4. He is _______________ all his furniture because he's moving back in with his parents.
5. I was talking to Terri on the phone and she got pissed off about something and _______________ on me.
6. She felt a little uncomfortable when she _______________ her ex-boyfriend at a party.
7. That t-shirt you _______________ looks a little small for you.
8. I don't like jokes that _______________ minorities. I think they're a bit racist.
9. If you _______________ by working in the garden all day, you won't have any energy left to go out dancing tonight.
10. James always _______________ excuses for why he couldn’t do his homework.
11. I've _______________ your report briefly and it appears very interesting. I'll have a good look at it this afternoon.
12. Colin was _______________ two girls at the same time, but they both found out and dumped him.
13. The young boy quit the baseball team because all the other players _______________ every time he struck out or missed a catch.
14. We spent the afternoon _______________ on the beach, playing frisbee and drinking beer.
15. Our computer froze when we were doing a PowerPoint presentation so we had to wait a few minutes and then _______________.