English Vocabulary Exercises - Phrasal Verbs (General 6) - Exercise 9-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Their plans to start their own business _______________ and they lost a lot of money.
2. In Aghanistan, attacks on girls' schools by the Taliban _______________ 40% of such attacks.
3. This version of Windows can _______________ from its CD-Rom to repair a corrupted Windows installation.
4. The police are _______________ to see if anyone saw anything suspicious near the house where the murder took place.
5. The Americans have not yet found Osama Bin Laden and have not _______________ the possibility that he may already be dead.
6. The traffic on the highway was _______________ for miles because of a big accident.
7. When buying stuff online, _______________ for any additional costs, such as for delivery and handling, taxes, etc.
8. A group of animal rights activists are trying to _______________ the laboratory where the experiments on rats take place.
9. As soon as you're over your flu and _______________ it, we'll have a party to celebrate your new job.
10. I want a business partner that I can _______________ to be honest and hard-working.
11. He has some serious mental problems and has completely _______________ of the job market.
12. You can't _______________ with Mr. Webster. He's very serious and likes to get down to business right away.
13. We need to _______________ the yard a bit in preparation for the garden party.
14. The children were teasing the dog and it didn't seem to _______________ them that he might bite.
15. She had to _______________ for years before she was able to afford to pay for university.