English Vocabulary Exercises - The Political World - Exercise 1-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Lots of tourists visit the _______________ of Prince Edward Island to see the place where the novel "Anne of Green Gables" was situated.
2. The Japanese _______________ couple will be making a visit to Canada for the first time next summer.
3. Hitting children as punishment for bad behaviour was _______________ in schools when I was a child.
4. The little boy _______________ his sister with a chocolate bar not to tell their mother that he had lost his new watch.
5. Only 16% of Bangladesh's population live in _______________ areas, compared to 86% in Australia.
6. The mayor has postponed making a decision until the _______________ meets in January.
7. The post office marks the _______________ between the two municipalities.
8. An environmental group is _______________ to end the international whale hunt.
9. In times of _______________, one always turns to family for help.
10. Through this charity, children and families are _______________ to break out of the cycle of poverty.
11. During the years that he _______________ the Philippines, Fernand Marcos robbed his people of millions of dollars.
12. We have to take our daughter to the _______________ health clinic to get her vaccinations.
13. She was _______________ class president by her classmates.
14. French is still spoken in the former French _______________ of Africa.