English Vocabulary Exercises - The Political World - Exercise 2-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. _______________ can be an effective way to pressure businesses or governments into taking action to end unfair laws or business practices.
2. The government is spending millions of dollars to improve security at airports, in an effort to _______________ terrorism.
3. My neighbour's daughter has two _______________ because her mother is Japanese, and her father is Canadian.
4. The _______________ of Victoria have voted for a new mayor in today's municipal elections.
5. We planted tulips around the _______________ of our vegetable garden to add colour.
6. Health care in Moldova is paid for by the _______________, not by private insurance companies.
7. The students staged a _______________ march in front of the legislature in anger at rising tuition fees.
8. The mayor has resigned his post, and is expected to call an _______________ within days.
9. More children work in the _______________ areas of India than in any other country.
10. The two companies _______________ to reduce costs and increase profits.
11. This area of town is _______________ for residential use only, so they can't build any commercial buildings.
12. She works as a _______________ assistant to the Deputy Minister of Finance.
13. Conservative elements in the business community have been a powerful _______________ of the leader of the military coup.
14. The area of Greater Tokyo, including the _______________ prefectures of Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa, contains over 25% of Japan's total population.