English Vocabulary Exercises - The Political World - Exercise 2-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. In March of 1933, the government of Germany ordered a _______________ of businesses belonging to Jewish people, and seized their bank accounts.
2. Stanley Knowles was a respected _______________ who served as a member of the Opposition for many years.
3. She was born in Thailand, and raised in Manitoba, and now she has dual _______________.
4. The government has announced plans to _______________ the gas industry.
5. Police have arrested a number of anti-logging _______________ who were blocking a road today.
6. German _______________ has been finally achieved, but not without a significant economic cost.
7. His paintings of _______________ scenes are quite lovely.
8. The U.S. is _______________ by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.
9. The _______________ of the economy in Estonia is greatly influenced by developments in Finland and Sweden, two major trading partners.
10. Anita Walsh appears to be winning the race, but the final _______________ results will not be available until 10:00.
11. How many soldiers have died in _______________ throughout Europe's violent history?
12. The film is an interesting and amusing portrait of _______________ American life in the 1970s.
13. Peace-keeping forces from the _______________ countries of the region hope to restore order in the coming weeks.
14. Children growing up in a war _______________ may suffer emotional problems for their entire lives.