English Vocabulary Exercises - The Political World - Exercise 2-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The police chief is testifying before a _______________ committee which is looking at our current drug laws.
2. Although it has long been a neutral country, Switzerland's _______________ is well trained to defend their country in case of attack.
3. Provincial _______________ laws prohibit the sale of farmland for any other purpose than farming.
4. There are more insects in one square mile of _______________ land than there are human beings on the entire Earth.
5. Thailand was in _______________ with Japan during World War Two, but became a U.S. ally following the conflict.
6. The Parti Quebecois is a _______________ organization in Canada which is working to achieve independence for Quebec.
7. The last American _______________ troops left Vietnam in August of 1972.
8. Melanie's father was in a serious _______________ of depression after the death of her mother.
9. North Korea _______________ the Olympic Games when Seoul, South Korea, hosted the summer games in 1988.
10. In 1989, hundreds of thousands of people in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia linked arms to form a human chain stretching almost 650 miles to _______________ the Soviet take-over of the Baltics in 1940.
11. People of the Earth - we must _______________ if we hope to be successful against this attack by the monsters of Pluto and Jupiter.
12. Boris Yeltsin was the first person to be _______________ as president of a free and democratic Russia.
13. He is a very intelligent person, perhaps _______________ on genius.
14. Since we moved out to _______________, things have been a lot quieter than when we were living downtown.