English Vocabulary Exercises - Basic Science & Academia - Exercise 1-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Scientists can determine a person's sex, age, and race by _______________ a single strand of hair.
2. No matter what a star's _______________ is, it will eventually run out of usable fuels.
3. On the average, more animals are killed by _______________ than by hunters with guns.
4. Tooth enamel is the hardest _______________ manufactured in the human body.
5. _______________ human settlements in Rwanda have driven out or destroyed much of the country's wildlife.
6. The shooting star _______________ across the sky.
7. Many people in Somalia _______________ their age by the number of wet seasons they have lived through.
8. Seaweed is a general term for more than 20,000 _______________ of sea plants living in the world's oceans and seas.
9. A planet circling the sun has a certain amount of _______________ momentum.
10. Due to _______________, for a few weeks each year, the mountain known as K2 is actually higher than Mt. Everest.
11. Frank is the head of the team that is trying to come up with a new marketing strategy, but the real _______________ behind the project is Sylvia.
12. David Suzuki notes that from our first cry announcing our arrival on Earth to our very last sigh at the moment of death, our need for air is _______________.
13. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan suffered a period of confusion and violence as the Soviet Union _______________.