English Vocabulary Exercises - The Social World - Exercise 1-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. She's not really a friend; she's just an _______________.
2. Many people believe that our _______________ is becoming more violent.
3. I will never babysit my neighbour's little boy again. The kid is a real _______________.
4. You should _______________ this with your parents before you make any decision.
5. It is going to be difficult to find a _______________ between the two groups because their needs are so different.
6. It's good to know more than one language if you plan on doing business with _______________ countries.
7. She had a terrible _______________ with her husband after he came home drunk.
8. The people remained _______________ to the king, and refused to fight against him.
9. He has been an important _______________ of the team ever since he joined.
10. My daughter _______________ to both the chess and badminton clubs at her school.
11. I really owe you an _______________ for throwing up on your couch last Friday. I was totally drunk, and didn't know what I was doing.
12. Her _______________ for others led her into a life of volunteer work.
13. My little sister always tries to _______________ me when she gets in trouble.
14. In my culture, we _______________ to our ancestors every day.
15. He _______________ on the test; he kept looking at my paper every time the teacher turned her back.