English Vocabulary Exercises - The Social World - Exercise 2-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Employees are welcome to bring their _______________ to the annual Christmas party.
2. The bank is under investigation following a financial _______________ in which some elderly women were robbed of their savings.
3. Harriet's wedding is the perfect _______________ to get all the family together for the first time in over 10 years.
4. I would just like to _______________ the newly married couple on this, the most important day in their lives.
5. Two adults and one child were killed in a _______________ car accident on the highway outside of Vancouver last weekend.
6. Your son is becoming a _______________ and has been picking on some of the smaller boys in his class.
7. His best friend _______________ him to divorce his wife after he found out she was having an affair.
8. Mother Teresa was like a _______________ in her devotion to helping the poor in India.
9. The _______________ screamed in excitement as the band came on stage.
10. When a child becomes an _______________, his/her body changes in many ways.
11. The child got frightened when he heard his parents _______________ loudly in the kitchen.
12. Anne and I have been _______________ by two wonderful, interesting children.
13. Ian begged his wife to _______________ him after his affair with an old girlfriend.
14. It was difficult for ESL students to understand the _______________ in the film because the actors spoke very quickly, and used a lot of slang.
15. They _______________ about their work and families over lunch.