English Vocabulary Exercises - The Social World - Exercise 4-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The sight of her full red lips filled him with _______________, and he kissed her excitedly.
2. My friend _______________ me to study here at the University of Victoria because she took this course last year and really enjoyed it.
3. Jerusalem is a city which is _______________ to Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
4. The festival ends with the _______________ killing of a goat in many households.
5. The secretary complained to her boss that one of the men in the office was _______________ her.
6. Native _______________ have lived on this island for over 4,000 years.
7. The president _______________ us by raising taxes after promising not to do so.
8. Her sister was her constant _______________ for the last few months before she died.
9. The guards at the border caught some illegal _______________ trying to sneak into the country.
10. The _______________ of a Canadian is a person who cuts down trees, and plays hockey.
11. She doesn't usually _______________ with her co-workers.
12. Let me _______________ you to my wife and children.
13. He quit his job because he wasn't able to get along with his _______________ workers.
14. Don't _______________ your little sister about her new haircut; you'll only make her cry.