English Vocabulary Exercises - The Social World - Exercise 4-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Until you really get to know someone from another culture, it is common to believe _______________ of the people from the country.
2. The eagle is a _______________ animal in many North American Indian cultures.
3. In the time of the Aztecs, priests performed a _______________ in which the heart was cut out of a living sacrifice.
4. Jeremy isn't home. He went to the bar with a few _______________ from work.
5. If Eduardo doesn't enjoy air travel, I would _______________ him to choose a holiday destination which is close to home.
6. In the movie we saw, _______________ came to Earth and gradually replaced all the human beings.
7. Homesickness is a common problem _______________ with the experience of culture shock.
8. My aunt has a real _______________ for art, and travels the world visiting important museums every summer.
9. The gang members killed a man who was accused of _______________ them to the police.
10. The boys _______________ the young girl about her developing breasts until she punched one kid in the nose.
11. In 60 A.D., the Romans' were victorious in their battle against the _______________ living in Britain at that time.
12. Please hold your applause until all the students receiving awards have been _______________.
13. He lives a life alone, with only his cat as a _______________.
14. The police were accused of _______________ the suspect by following him around, and questioning his friends and associates without reason.