English Vocabulary Exercises - The Social World - Exercise 4-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. You told my boyfriend that I kissed that other guy at the party? I can't believe you _______________ me like that!
2. His _______________ workers at the office gave him a beautiful sweater for his 50th birthday.
3. Many of the young people living on the streets of our city are kids who are totally _______________ from their families for various reasons.
4. Visitors are asked to remove their hats and shoes when entering the _______________ spaces of the mosque.
5. The _______________ to the king are supplying him with false information in order to influence his decisions.
6. Now that my daughter is taller than me she loves to _______________ me about my height.
7. In Japan, it is considered polite if you pour your _______________ drink, and he/she pours yours.
8. Going out for drinks with the boss is a nightly _______________ for many Japanese businessmen.
9. One of Genghis Khan's first important achievements was to unite the scattered _______________ of Mongolia.
10. They had a _______________ love affair for over 40 years despite both being married to someone else.
11. My neighbour is always _______________ me about my kids, saying they make too much noise, and that they scare his cat by running around.
12. The recreation centre has an indoor rock-climbing wall, which offers a good opportunity to _______________ young people to the sport.
13. Television often reinforces a _______________ of black men as being involved in gangs and other criminal activity.
14. John, I'd like you to meet an _______________ of mine, Dave Forrester.