English Vocabulary Exercises - The Social World - Exercise 4-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Laughter helps us to connect with others and counteracts feelings of _______________, a major factor in depression and suicide.
2. A police officer visited our neighbourhood to give us _______________ on how to prevent house break-ins.
3. Cows are considered _______________ in the Hindu religion, and there are many cows wandering the streets in India.
4. A Korean student gave a presentation on the _______________ marriage customs of a traditional wedding ceremony in her country.
5. Jane Goodal spoke _______________ about the importance of saving the habitat of chimpanzees.
6. The new secretary is such a _______________! She ran her fingers through my hair and told me to give her a call some time.
7. Her complaints of _______________ resulted in the firing of a man in the office.
8. She always helps her _______________ students prepare for their exams.
9. After helping the police in their investigation, the Mafia member was killed for his _______________.
10. The _______________ of electric/gas hybrid cars into the marketplace is causing a great deal of excitement.
11. My dad was the _______________ father of his generation; he worked a lot, and hardly spent any time with his children.
12. Certain kinds of ants raid the nests of other ant _______________, kill the queen, and kidnap many of the workers, which then become their slaves.
13. It can help in learning new vocabulary to _______________ the new word with the context in which it was used.
14. The home of Sherlock Holmes and his _______________ Dr. Watson was 221B Baker Street, in London.