English Vocabulary Exercises - The Social World - Exercise 5-5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Greg asked Hannah to _______________ her life with him.
2. Many people in Somalia believe that someone can give them "the evil eye" which causes a bad _______________ to enter their soul.
3. He's a very _______________ person; he would never lie to you.
4. In the second stage of culture shock, people often find the _______________ of the new country to be strange and unpleasant.
5. Twenty-four thousand people claim Ainu _______________ in Japan today.
6. The ad read simply, "Single, clean male seeks same for friendship, and possible _______________."
7. I love my _______________ parents more than anyone in the world, but I would like to meet my birth parents one day.
8. A popular tourist guide warns that in Chad, armed _______________ operate in the southwest near the border with Cameroon, and travel is sometimes unsafe.
9. Mother Teresa is a _______________ for many people throughout the world for her dedication to helping the poor of Calcutta.
10. Each year, on the _______________ of my grandfather's death, my grandmother gets very upset.
11. Many people dislike media images of women because they feel that they often show an unrealistic model of _______________ perfection.
12. The boss was very _______________ of the report, and wants it revised.
13. The first American national holiday was _______________ in the United States in April of 1889.
14. The likelihood of the occurrence of _______________ and discriminatory behaviour is increased by stereotypes.