English Vocabulary Exercises - Structures, Places & Objects - Exercise 5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The _______________ for these animals are much too small; they need more room to move around.
2. Trinidad is the home of the steel drum, an instrument made out of an old oil _______________ that can be played alone or in an orchestra.
3. The city is planning on building a multi-use _______________ combining a football field with a running track.
4. Our old _______________ is full of rusty tools, old furniture and all sorts of useless crap.
5. The building is completely inaccessible to people in wheelchairs, as there is no elevator, and the _______________ are too steep.
6. The thieves had to _______________ through a ten-foot cement and steel wall to get into the bank.
7. The town of Calexico, California is separated from Mexicali, Mexico by a simple _______________.
8. There was great applause from the government _______________ following the prime minister's speech.
9. The name Honolulu means "_______________ harbour" in the Hawaiian language.
10. I like to sit in a _______________ in a restaurant because it is quieter and more private.
11. Different languages don't seem to be a _______________ to friendship among young children.
12. My grandfather was _______________ in Italy during the Second World War.
13. It took 300 steel workers two years and 15,000 pieces of iron to _______________ the Eiffel Tower.
14. The Maya built cities around _______________ pyramids, which served as temples to their many gods.
15. Mother Teresa devoted her life to helping poor people in the _______________ of India.
16. The kids were all lined up outside the photography _______________ waiting to get their graduation pictures taken.
17. The Grand _______________ of China, connecting the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, was constructed over 1,300 years ago.
18. We left Dover for the French _______________ of Calais.
19. On the stone _______________ of Madura in southern India, there are more than 30 million carved images of gods and goddesses.