English Vocabulary Exercises - Transitions - Exercise 6

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Her English isn't very good, but she usually manages to make herself understood _______________.
2. Please call your grandmother on her birthday; _______________, she'll get upset.
3. Her son looks a lot like his father, _______________ her daughter looks like her.
4. We enjoyed ourselves _______________ the poor weather.
5. I'm no athlete; __________, I'm terrible at sports.
6. __________ tattoos and piercings seem trendy nowadays, they have actually been around since ancient times, and are practiced in many cultures.
7. When I heard Martha talking about her illness, I ignorantly made a little joke to try to cheer her up, but __________ it just made her cry.
8. The film classification "mature" means the movie should not be seen by a person under the age of 14, __________ accompanied by an adult.
9. I'll phone you if I receive anymore information and you can do __________.
10. The mayor feels that skateboarders on the sidewalks may intimidate the elderly, and should __________ be banned.
11. The Grand Canyon is a geographical wonder. __________, it is the largest generator of tourist dollars in the state.
12. I didn't do very well in school, __________ my sister, who got excellent marks in every subject.