English Vocabulary Exercises - Verbs, Verbs and More Verbs - Exercise 1-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. We _______________ all our family photos onto the computer, and sent the best ones to my parents by e-mail.
2. In many major cities, certain lanes on highways are _______________ for cars with more than one occupant.
3. If you get caught trying to smuggle goods into Canada from the U.S., customs officers may _______________ your car until you pay the fine.
4. Freddie _______________ his leg while skiing, and is out for the season.
5. He was a shy boy who _______________ his younger sister for her ability to make friends easily.
6. If you _______________ to meet Zoe, could you please give her this notebook?
7. You don't need to peel those potatoes; just _______________ them, and we'll cook them with the skins on because they have lots of flavour.
8. A couple of people have said that they can't come to the meeting, so why don't we just _______________ it for a couple of days?
9. The little girl was _______________ with cold.
10. Her eyes were _______________ with excitement as she got off the plane.
11. The young boy helped the elderly woman _______________ the street.
12. The father _______________ the baby with a toy while the mother quickly changed her diaper.
13. According to astronomers, we haven't caught sight of a solar system that _______________ our own yet.
14. I _______________ to go to the opera last night but something came up and I was unable to make it.