English Vocabulary Exercises - Verbs, Verbs & more Verbs - Exercise 10-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Any guesses as to who will take over as chairman are pure _______________ at this point, and shouldn't be taken seriously.
2. Anyone who is in the boat must wear some kind of _______________ device.
3. There was a real _______________ to get out of the building after the concert ended.
4. In June, the Earth is _______________ towards the sun, producing summers in the northern half of our planet.
5. Frogs do not drink, but absorb water from their _______________ through their skin.
6. We got ourselves a cat to _______________ the cabin of mice.
7. A firefighter came to our office to do an _______________ for fire safety.
8. Sophie couldn't wait for the first magazine to come when we got her a _______________ to Archie comics for her birthday.
9. We asked our boss for a two-day _______________ to the project.
10. Due to a chemical change, the sweet taste of corn begins to _______________ as soon as it is picked, so it should be eaten as quickly as possible.
11. Wind tunnel studies alert car designers to specific areas of _______________.
12. "India Today," the most popular magazine in India, has a bi-weekly _______________ of 970,000.
13. You have a baggage _______________ of one suitcase and one carry-on bag per person for the flight.
14. He is a good friend of mine, very helpful, and always _______________.