English Vocabulary Exercises - Verbs, Verbs & more Verbs - Exercise 14-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Your low mark in biology simply _______________ your total lack of effort.
2. Most of his problems _______________ from his drinking.
3. You must _______________ your bank immediately if your credit cards are lost or stolen.
4. Her parents tried to _______________ her from marrying him, but she just ignored them.
5. The taxi driver _______________ to avoid hitting a child that ran out after her ball.
6. The children _______________ and pointed when the clown walked on stage.
7. Hello, I'd like to _______________ my reservation for my flight to Amsterdam.
8. The fireworks _______________ in the air with brilliant colours and thunderous explosions.
9. We stood on the shore, _______________ stones across the lake.
10. Henry _______________ his brother into fighting by teasing him and then pulling his hair.
11. Don't pull on my sweater, you're going to _______________ it.
12. Can you _______________ the man who stole your wallet?
13. Your visa will _______________ in a couple of weeks, so you'd better get it renewed.
14. Canada is _______________ with Russia for the gold medal in hockey.