English Vocabulary Exercises - Verbs, Verbs & more Verbs - Exercise 15-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. _______________ herbs on the meat, and coat with oil before cooking.
2. The wind _______________ the leaves into a pile against the wall.
3. The girl _______________ the phone down angrily.
4. Breast milk contains substances that help your baby _______________ infections and other diseases.
5. When learning new vocabulary, in addition to translating it in your notebooks, try _______________ the word in English.
6. Henry _______________ all the credit; he did most of the work.
7. Your mother _______________ to think you're planning to get a tattoo. Is that true?
8. The political situation in Quebec is quite _______________ and difficult to understand.
9. Attention please, the plane is now _______________ to land.
10. Tea was _______________ in China more than 5,000 years ago.
11. When he started his computer course, he was _______________ by a whole new vocabulary that needed to be learned quickly.
12. The driver of the car that hit and killed the young boy _______________ to be drunk, but this has not yet been confirmed.
13. We have sent you a package which should _______________ within a couple of days.
14. Don't eat too much fruit before supper or you'll _______________ your appetite.