English Vocabulary Exercises - Verbs, Verbs & more Verbs - Exercise 17-4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The government seems to act with little _______________ for human rights.
2. Mail _______________ will be late today due to the snowstorm.
3. The patient's rapid _______________ has the doctors fearing the worst.
4. I never buy this brand of bread; it's full of _______________ and artificial colour.
5. People are advised not to give money to _______________ because they usually just spend it on alcohol and drugs.
6. Call the police! Some guy has been _______________ around the house looking in the windows.
7. Gases assume the shape and volume of the _______________ in which they are found.
8. Traffic was _______________ through the downtown core at rush hour.
9. In February of 1993, Kim Young-sam was _______________ in as South Korea's first civilian president in 32 years.
10. CBC television has learned that an _______________ has just been made on the life of the Prime Minister.
11. "_______________ great warriors!" the king cried, "Your country needs you in this time of war!"
12. He fell out of the tree and got a bad _______________, but luckily he didn't break anything.
13. The _______________ system in this new computer is incredibly fast and can deal with huge amounts of data.
14. Their meeting in the classroom was the beginning of an _______________ relationship that ended in marriage.