English Vocabulary Exercises - Verbs, Verbs and More Verbs - Exercise 2-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Before accepting payment by cheque, please _______________ the amount, and the date.
2. The food became _______________ with bacteria from spoiled meat.
3. Today, on the occasion of the marriage of our oldest child, we are happy in knowing that we have not lost a daughter; we have _______________ a son-in-law.
4. Just hold onto the rope, and it will _______________ you to the top of the bunny slope, and then you can try skiing down.
5. It doesn't _______________ to me if it rains when we go hiking; I can just wear my raincoat.
6. The Johnsons have been _______________ their family business for over 20 years.
7. Would you children please _______________ screaming and fighting? You're driving me crazy!
8. They originally came to Vancouver from Hong Kong, but ended up _______________ in Nanaimo.
9. He tried to _______________ his anger, but I could see it in his eyes.
10. During the earthquake, we could actually feel our apartment building _______________ a bit.
11. He quickly _______________ his work clothes for jeans and a T-shirt, and went out to join the barbecue.
12. The walls of the bomb shelter are so thick that nothing can _______________ them.
13. The little girl woke up, and _______________ her eyes sleepily.
14. Police were _______________ to discover that the robbery had been committed by two 12-year-old girls.