English Vocabulary Exercises - Verbs, Verbs and More Verbs - Exercise 7-2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Shyam _______________ out the window of his office, and thought about his home in Bombay.
2. The man _______________ to his underwear before diving in the water.
3. The thief _______________ the money from the cash register and ran out of the store.
4. The funeral of Mahatma Gandhi was _______________ by millions of people.
5. The smell of barbecued salmon _______________ into our yard from our neighbour's.
6. Critics have universally _______________ the film for its incredible computer animation.
7. Karen _______________ me not to baby-sit my neighbours' kids because they're such little brats.
8. The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, _______________ about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine's Day.
9. The doctor _______________ the patient's shoulder to determine if there was any injury to the joint.
10. Sergei's marital problems are starting to _______________ with his ability to do his job.
11. With a drop in the bank interest rates, housing sales are _______________ to rise quickly.
12. Bong-Cha was _______________ to quit her job, and go travelling with her friends, but decided she couldn't really afford it.
13. His progress in learning a second language is being _______________ by his shyness in speaking.
14. I pinched myself under the chin when I was _______________ my bicycle helmet.