English Vocabulary Exercises - War, Violence & Conflict - Exercise 1-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. These old churches are designed to fill the faithful with wonderment and fear at the _______________ of God.
2. The major ordered his men to _______________ when it became obvious that they were heavily outnumbered.
3. The young girl was held _______________ by her father, who was upset because he felt he wasn't getting enough chances to see her since he and his wife divorced.
4. The general shouted, "Charge!" and the soldiers moved quickly forward.
5. The other players cheered and _______________ Dana on the back when he was given the award as the most valuable player in the tournament.
6. The government is taking steps to reduce _______________ behaviour in our schools.
7. The young woman used her keychain as a _______________ to defend herself against her attacker.
8. Guerrillas attacked a government _______________, killing 5 soldiers, and wounding a dozen others.
9. Che Guevara was caught and killed by government _______________ while trying to start a revolution in Bolivia.
10. I hate _______________ sales staff who approach me as soon as I walk into a store, and try to sell me things I don't want.
11. Hundreds of people are _______________ the area as the lava from the volcano approaches their village.
12. People used to think that cell phones were _______________, but now we are hearing that they may be bad for your health if used too often.
13. The _______________ of bamboo forests in China has caused the death of a great many pandas in the wild.