English Vocabulary Exercises - War, Violence & Conflict - Exercise 2-3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The terrorists have threatened to begin _______________ the hostages if their demands are not met by midnight.
2. Either you children stop fighting or you'll get a good _______________.
3. In February 1993, more than 1,000 people were killed in ethnic _______________ in Northern Ghana.
4. The demonstration was _______________ put down by government security forces.
5. In December of 1977, the government of Egypt broke off relations with Syria, Libya, Algeria, Iraq and South Yemen, all _______________ of its peace initiatives with Israel.
6. Police have said they believe the murder of the leader of the motorcycle gang is in _______________ for the death of two members of a rival gang last month.
7. The village was surrounded by a _______________ army.
8. The prisoner confessed to the crime after being _______________ by the police.
9. Someone _______________ the tires of his car while it was parked outside the nightclub.
10. The _______________ players on the team are very important in helping new players adjust to the pressures of professional sports.
11. Government soldiers have been _______________ the guerrilla-held area for days now.
12. A prisoner was shot by a _______________ as he tried to climb the fence surrounding the prison-of-war camp.
13. In January of 1842, at the end of an attempted retreat from Kabul, about 9,000 British troops were _______________ in the Khyber Pass.