English Vocabulary Exercises - War, Violence & Conflict - Exercise 3-1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. My grandfather was _______________ in the leg during the war.
2. All the _______________ for the guns and rifles was stored in a warehouse in the corner of the army camp.
3. The victim was _______________ in the chest with a large kitchen knife.
4. In the year 2000, several hundred United Nations troops were taken hostage by _______________ in Sierra Leone.
5. The British government has had to _______________ millions of farm animals that are diseased.
6. The soldiers finally _______________ after more than half of the men had been killed or wounded.
7. The father was seriously injured trying to _______________ his son from a vicious dog.
8. Her daughter was _______________ and seriously injured by their neighbour's dog.
9. The enemy have _______________ the capital, and surrounded the President's residence.
10. The boxer knocked out his opponent with a single _______________ to the nose.
11. In 1978, a bomb on an Air India jumbo jet _______________ in mid-air near Bombay, killing 213 people.
12. England was _______________ by France in 1066 and ruled by French kings for 300 years thereafter.
13. The woman screamed in _______________ when the killer suddenly appeared in front of her with a huge knife in his hand.