Phrasal Verbs: Group 11 - Exercise 3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Fluency in a second language can help __________ from other job seekers in the tourism industry.
2. She __________ when she went out and almost blew the house up.
3. I want to __________ on the latest news in the tech field before my job interview at the computer store.
4. The factory __________ a lot of low cost goods that are sold at convenience stores.
5. We __________ Byron and Elaine's place to see their new baby this morning.
6. It'll only take me a minute to __________ some soup for you if you're hungry.
7. The band's popularity immediately started to __________ after the lead singer left the group.
8. If you're having any problems with your computer, you know you can always __________ Byron, and he's happy to help.
9. The children were pretending to be cats and their parents __________ it and started petting them and scratching them behind the ears.
10. If there isn't enough sunshine to power the solar powered motor, then the gasoline motor will __________.
11. Can you please __________ your father? He is in the yard raking the leaves.
12. You'd better __________ before you sign the contract. You'll be stuck with it for 5 years, so make sure it's a good deal.
13. Students are afraid the government is going to __________ tuition in order to save money.
14. After his girlfriend dumped him, he didn't __________ it for too long. He even said he was able to learn from the experience.
15. We'd better __________ all the kids; it's time to get on the bus to go back to the school.