Phrasal Verbs: Group 11 - Exercise 4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The sound of the waves began to __________ as we walked home from the beach.
2. The landlord did some minor renovations to our building but then really __________ the rents.
3. I was feeling pretty bad after splitting up with my girlfriend, but having good friends to talk to really __________.
4. I need to __________ the grocery store on my way home to pick up something for supper.
5. It's always good to __________ on a few handy phrases in a foreign language before travelling overseas.
6. __________ the past won't help you. You need to start planning for the future.
7. When the young girl was attacked in the park, her judo training automatically __________ and she was able to break free.
8. We told my mom we were going to school and my dad __________ it, and then we went surfing instead.
9. After the murder in the nightclub, the police __________ a few suspects for questioning.
10. Are you sure you've __________ enough? You seem to be making a quick decision.
11. He ate left-over pizza for breakfast and he didn't even __________.
12. You don't need to __________ when you're away for the weekend. It's just a waste of electricity.
13. I __________ an old friend I hadn't seen for ages and had a nice chat with him.
14. The big breweries __________ an enormous quantity of beer daily, but the quality is not very impressive.
15. What __________ from other cities in Canada is its comparatively mild climate.