Phrasal Verbs - Group 12 - Exercise 3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I've got a bad headache and a sore throat. I'm afraid I'm __________ something.
2. We sell a lot of goods to the US but we need to __________ to foreign markets in Asia.
3. He __________ the work in a very short time.
4. My father was so smart. If I was in trouble at school or having any problems, he could always __________ really quickly.
5. We were starving by the time supper was ready, so everybody just __________ and nobody said a word for about 30 minutes.
6. I don't know how Shirley manages it. She __________ more work than anyone else in this office but always gets it done.
7. The score was 1 - 0 for us and the other team was pressuring us and wouldn't __________, but we were able to hold them off and win the game.
8. __________ from that dog; he doesn't look friendly.
9. I really __________ at the Korean restaurant because there were over 10 side dishes in addition to the main dish.
10. When the Beatles played concerts, the sound of their music was usually __________ by the noise of the crowd.
11. He was so drunk that he __________ when he tried to stand up.
12. The government has to __________ these super rich people who never pay taxes.
13. My son eats too quickly. He always __________ his meal and often almost chokes on it.
14. I have __________ some of the spaghetti I made for dinner for your lunch tomorrow.
15. I didn't really __________ with my host family at first, but now we're really close.