Phrasal Verbs - Group 13 - Exercise 3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The reporter __________ with a policeman walking the beat to film a typical evening in the city.
2. Thomas challenged a kid at school to a fight but then __________ when he found out the boy knew tae kwon do.
3. I don't like it when you children __________ each other. I'd rather you fix your problems yourselves.
4. Without government help, the homeless simply have to __________ themselves.
5. I hate that guy. He just __________ in the office while everyone else is working.
6. We should __________ all the camping stuff on the lawn and see what needs to be washed, fixed or replaced.
7. Management has offered the union a salary increase of only 1.5%, but the union is __________ for a better deal.
8. He's not brave; he only fights with other kids when he can __________ them with his buddies.
9. He __________ in terrible poverty but eventually became a very rich man.
10. She always __________ on private conversations at work.
11. He __________ the bass in his car so loud that the whole vehicle was shaking.
12. There's nothing better than __________ with a group of friends on a sunny afternoon at the lake.
13. People who like to __________ are usually lacking in confidence.
14. Ryan __________ over $3000 to buy a drone, but he quickly got his money back by renting it out to film special events.
15. You will continue to be bullied until you learn to __________ yourself.