Phrasal Verbs - Group 13 - Exercise 5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. I was born on the east coast in Halifax but __________ on the west coast in Victoria.
2. If Colin tries to __________ again, tell him to get lost.
3. My sister and her boyfriend went to the park and I __________ because I had nothing else to do.
4. Do you want to come by my place and __________ and watch the football game with me tonight?
5. My neighbours don't take proper care of their children, who often have to __________ themselves.
6. Oh man, I'm dying. Can you __________ the air conditioner before I melt?
7. You should __________ your little brother when the other kids are being mean to him.
8. Janis was going to go sky-diving with us but when it was time to jump out of the airplane, she __________.
9. Jimmy's a big baby. Anytime anybody touches him, he __________ them.
10. Stop __________; you have work to do.
11. The prime minister __________ his plans for fixing the economy at a press conference this morning.
12. My boss offered me a salary increase of 2% but I'm __________ for 3.5%, to match the rate of inflation.
13. Over the years, the American and Canadian governments have __________ millions and millions of dollars to help the major car companies.
14. When the leader of a pack of wild dogs starts to get old, the other dogs sometimes __________ it and kill it.
15. He usually __________ but they generally ignore him.