Phrasal Verbs - Group 14 - Exercise 2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The war continues to __________ despite the government's assurances that it will soon be over.
2. My back pain is __________ again, probably due to the cold weather.
3. There was rotten food in the fridge in their apartment. It really __________.
4. Our research will __________ how language learning affects the brains of the elderly.
5. That guy really __________; he's always trying to start something with my girlfriend.
6. We are going to __________ the old computer back-up system and put everything on the cloud instead of external hard drives.
7. The boys were __________ in the living room with the football and they broke our new lamp.
8. The robbers __________ the bank tellers before fleeing with the money.
9. I can't find the address. I know I __________ somewhere but I can't remember where.
10. Make sure the house is all __________ when you leave home for the weekend.
11. You shouldn't drive the car when you're so tired. You almost __________ for a second there.
12. Anyone who __________ Brett regrets it afterwards. He is a dirty fighter.
13. That song really __________ every time I hear it.
14. Eric's girlfriend heard he was kissing another girl at the party but his friend __________ by saying it was him, not Eric, that was with the girl.
15. The baby was upset about something and it took me almost an hour to __________.