Phrasal Verbs - Group 14 - Exercise 4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. He was pretty tired after the party and he __________ in class the next day.
2. The professor __________ a few comments on the students' papers before handing them back.
3. My grandmother had a terrible illness that __________ for over 10 years before she finally died.
4. She was really __________ by the costumes and the set design of the musical "Cats."
5. He is a difficult person who often __________ his co-workers.
6. He's really irresponsible because whenever he gets in trouble, his parents always __________.
7. The US has said it is going to __________ some of its military operations in regions that have become more politically stable.
8. Gerry likes to spend some of his spare time __________ the research regarding language acquisition.
9. I forgot my cell phone at work but when I went back to get it last night, the office was all __________ so I couldn't get in.
10. You kids need to stop __________ in the kitchen. You're going to break something or else hurt yourselves.
11. It kind of __________ my girlfriend when I look at other girls.
12. I was really __________ when my boyfriend started picking his nose while we were Skyping.
13. When the children __________ in class, the teacher puts them in a quiet area until they calm down.
14. After the earthquake woke me up, it took me 2 hours to __________ and fall asleep again.
15. You __________ my shoes too tight and they are hurting my feet.