Phrasal Verbs - Group 14 - Exercise 5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. We had a good discussion, but I didn't __________ so I can't remember exactly what was said.
2. My friend was __________ for a while after being convicted of drunk driving.
3. She was __________ when her nephew vomited beside her in the car.
4. When I feel nervous, my stomach starts __________ and I can't eat anything.
5. The Canadian government has said it may __________ door-to-door mail delivery because so much communication now occurs online rather than through letters.
6. You'd better __________ the canoe so it doesn't float away.
7. A chemistry lab is a very risky place to __________ because there are lots of dangerous chemicals around.
8. They were totally __________ when they visited Thailand. The beaches there are fantastic!
9. If negotiations __________ too long, we should consider taking a break and trying again tomorrow.
10. My boss got pretty __________ when I missed the meeting last week, so I'd better not miss another one.
11. The defenceman made a bad move and lost the puck to an opposing player, but the goalie __________ with a great save.
12. It's no big deal. Why don't you __________ so that we can talk about this?
13. He kept __________ during the meeting and the boss was getting a little pissed off.
14. My husband __________ the neighbour about his dog crapping on our lawn and now they won't even speak to each other anymore.
15. We are currently __________ the issues with our computer network and hope to have things up and running within the next hour or so.