Phrasal Verbs - Group 15 - Exercise 1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The bus boy took my beer away when he was __________ our table, and I hadn't even finished it.
2. I bought a cheap toy for my son and he only played with it for a week and then it __________.
3. This government only seems to be __________ big construction contracts to companies that support the party.
4. The teachers and administration have developed a plan to __________ bullying in the school.
5. We're spending too much on food these days. We need to __________ a bit.
6. Can you __________ at school on your way to work?
7. A dog tried to bite the old man and he had to __________ with his cane.
8. My hands were really slippery from the soap when I was __________ and I dropped two wine glasses and broke them.
9. A student wrote something on the blackboard, but then __________ when the teacher came into the room.
10. I __________ an application for jobs with 10 different companies.
11. You'd better __________ your coat; it's getting cold.
12. The experience of having cancer was a difficult thing to __________, but I survived and now I'm feeling great.
13. There is so much junk in the garage. We should __________ and hold a garage sale to sell some of it.
14. I wanted to run the marathon with my friend but I couldn't __________ with him.
15. She uses lots of make-up to __________ the large birthmark on her cheek.