Phrasal Verbs - Group 15 - Exercise 2

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. She's gorgeous so she always has to __________ tons of boys when she goes to a nightclub.
2. The new president has promised to take steps to __________ corruption in government.
3. Let's __________ the top of the bookshelf so we can't put some plants up there.
4. You'd better __________ the windshield of your car; some birds pooped on it.
5. After he was caught stealing from the company, they fired him and told him to __________ his desk and leave the office immediately.
6. We picked up a hitch-hiker and __________ downtown when were driving home from the ferry.
7. My little boy was so proud when he __________ his pants by himself for the first time.
8. The boss __________ bonuses to everyone at the Christmas party.
9. He tried to __________ his mistakes but the boss found out anyway.
10. The students were asked to __________ forms with information on any medical conditions or allergies they had.
11. You have to __________ hardships in order to appreciate the good things in life.
12. Oh man, my car is __________! I need to replace the muffler, one headlight doesn't work and the windshield wipers are worn out.
13. I'm having difficulty __________ with the other students in my guitar class because I don't have time to practice.
14. You need to __________ on sugar; it's causing a lot of problems for your teeth.
15. Go and __________, kids, your dinner's ready.