Phrasal Verbs - Group 16 - Exercise 1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. After the applause __________, the singer began to sing her first song.
2. Jackson has lots of good ideas but he never __________ on them.
3. The exclusive golf club is holding a special ceremony to __________ its new members on Saturday.
4. Ali __________ his opponent with a single punch to the jaw.
5. These problems have __________ too long. We need to do something.
6. You shouldn't let other people __________. You need to stand up for yourself.
7. You made a mistake. You need to __________ and admit it.
8. The teacher threatened to expel the student but then __________ when he started to cry.
9. The police are __________ drunk driving and have set up road blocks on all the major streets on Friday nights.
10. I can't believe you __________ all my old comic books! They were worth hundreds of dollars!
11. Jerome will be here soon, I'm sure. You can __________ it.
12. Is it okay if I __________ my little brother to the soccer game?
13. The road is __________ because of construction.
14. I know this is difficult, but years from now you'll __________ this and realize that it was a good learning experience.
15. We __________ all the details in the contract and everything looks good.