Phrasal Verbs - Group 16 - Exercise 5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Environmental groups want to __________ local waters from any oil tanker traffic.
2. Numerous celebrities, including Beyonce and Oprah were in attendance when Barack Obama was __________ as President of the USA.
3. No one __________. She's a very strong, confident worker.
4. After the campfire __________, we got ready for bed.
5. Why do you let your boss push you around. Come on. __________ and tell him you don't like it.
6. Even though his girlfriend wanted to split up, he __________ as though everything was normal.
7. The president has __________ on his promise to increase the health budget.
8. I think we should legalize marijuana rather than __________ users.
9. I __________ all the papers on my desk but I couldn't find my homework.
10. He __________ the evening he met his wife as the most important day of his life.
11. Can you __________ your tools when you come to my place? I need your help to repair the basement stairs.
12. I know that Jim will __________ on him commitments; he is a very dependable person.
13. You should __________ these mushrooms. They're getting old and they could cause food poisoning.
14. You shouldn't __________ your boss giving you a raise without asking. You've got to tell her why you deserve it.
15. They gave him some really drug to __________ because he was in so much pain.