Phrasal Verbs - Group 17 - Exercise 1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. You've got to tell me what happened. Don't __________. Tell me everything.
2. When I asked Bob why he and his wife divorced, he __________ and wouldn't tell me anything.
3. We've found a new apartment and are __________ at the beginning of September.
4. Heather and Malcolm are getting married so everyone in the office is going to __________ to buy them airline tickets to Hawaii for a honeymoon.
5. Before you buy a new laptop, make sure you __________ to get the best deal.
6. We are __________ of our condo at the end of the month. We've already started packing.
7. The child __________ in pain when he got his vaccination.
8. You can't just __________ my room like that. You need to knock.
9. Li-Ping is going back to Taiwan at the end of the month so she is __________ all her dishes and furniture and stuff.
10. The police are hoping that someone who witnessed the murder will __________ with information about the killer.
11. If any questions __________ while you're doing the work, come and see me.
12. The body of an old woman was found in her apartment. Police have __________ murder, believing it was due to natural causes.
13. Rob kept talking all through the meeting and just woulldn't __________.
14. The drain in the bathtub is __________ with hair and guck. It's really disgusting.
15. Bruce started to __________ while he was giving a goodbye speech at his retirement party.