Phrasal Verbs - Group 17 - Exercise 3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. My co-worker gives me a ride to work everyday so I always __________ to help pay for gas and parking.
2. The little girl struggled to __________ her tears when the other children teased her about her dress.
3. We had to pay a damage deposit before we could __________ our new place.
4. If you don't __________ about it right now, I'm going to punch you.
5. My nose is __________ and I can't breathe properly.
6. The boys were laughing and talking together but they totally __________ when the girls walked by.
7. Her ex-boyfriend __________ her wedding and told her in front of everyone that he still loved her.
8. There are always problems that __________ when we start a new project, but that's to be expected.
9. You will get your damage deposit back when you __________ of the apartment as long as it is clean and in good shape.
10. We __________ for days before finally deciding to buy this big leather couch.
11. My computer is so old that I can't even __________ because no one wants it.
12. My grandfather always __________ whenever he talks about his experiences during the war.
13. Well, with this rainy weather, I think we can __________ a picnic for this year's party.
14. The young girl __________ in fright when the big dog jumped up on her.
15. Unless someone __________ to confess, you will all be punished.