Phrasal Verbs - Group 19 - Exercise 1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. The dealer is asking for $12,000 for the car but we're confident he will __________ at least a thousand bucks.
2. The party ended around midnight and the noise __________ immediately after that.
3. We are looking for a new salesperson and the list has now been __________ to three excellent candidates.
4. Whenever he starts talking about his holiday, he __________ for 20 boring minutes.
5. I never felt that I really __________ at school. It was very hard for me to make any friends.
6. Your teeth are in bad shape. You need to __________ the amount of sugar you're eating.
7. When her boss told her she was getting a big raise, it took a few minutes for the news to __________.
8. We thought he would never __________ but then he met a wonderful man and they got married and are very happy together.
9. Sarah will start the song and then everyone can __________ for the chorus.
10. I'm almost ready. I just have to __________ a couple of little things.
11. Miyuki is returning to Japan tomorrow so we're all going to go to the airport to __________.
12. I know you're very angry at me but you need to __________ so that we can talk about it.
13. I was going to buy a new car but my friend __________ it. I can get a good used car at half the price.
14. I think we should __________ buying a car until we have more money.
15. Whoa whoa. You're talking too fast. __________ and tell me what's going on.