Phrasal Verbs - Group 19 - Exercise 3

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Her boss tried to __________ quitting her job but she told him to get lost.
2. You're never goiing to sell your bicycle for that price. You need to __________ at least $50.
3. My husband wants us to have a baby but I want to __________ until I finish my degree.
4. Whenever he starts __________, we just ignore him and he eventually stops.
5. I have to go to work on Saturday to __________ some reports.
6. The speaker waited until the applause had __________ before continuing.
7. She can't believe her girlfriend dumped her. I think it still hasn't __________.
8. Immigrants to a new country may find it difficult to __________ when they first arrive in a foreign culture.
9. She started crying at the station when she went to __________.
10. I've __________ alcohol to just one or two pints of beer a week.
11. We are trying to figure out what kind of car to buy and we've __________ to an electric car or perhaps even a hybrid.
12. Hey, why are you acting so crazy? Just __________ and tell me what's going on.
13. We've lived in 4 different cities but we've decided to __________ permanently here in Victoria.
14. A couple of people from work are going for a beer this evening and they wanted to know if we'd like to __________.
15. The car driver __________ to look at the accident scene as he drove by.