Phrasal Verbs - Group 19 - Exercise 4

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Protests agains the government have not __________ and the situation is getting tense.
2. The rapid rise in housing costs appears to be finally __________.
3. I always thought that Judy and Paul would __________ and have a family someday but they just split up.
4. When my parents found out I got a girlfriend, they __________ about practising safe sex and all that. It was really embarrassing.
5. I just can't believe it. It hasn't really __________ that I'm a married now.
6. The Olympic committee has __________ the choices for the 2032 summer games site to three cities, two of which have never hosted the games.
7. The song started with a single note on the guitar and then the other instruments __________ one by one.
8. The government's education budget has __________ by over 7% this year.
9. Let's all go to the bus station to __________. We won't see her again for six months!
10. If we all work together, we should be able to __________ the job in about an hour.
11. She was crying uncontrollably and when she finally __________ she told me she had just been diagnosed with cancer.
12. If we want to buy a house we need to do it now. If we __________ too long, the prices will get too high.
13. You can save time by __________ your grocery shopping trips to a couple of times a week.
14. He is determined to climb the mountain alone and no one can __________ it.
15. The new teacher certainly __________ well with our staff of instructors.