Phrasal Verbs - Group 19 - Exercise 5

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1. Birth rates generally __________ when women have more opportunities for education.
2. He quit his job after a year because he never felt that he __________ with the other employees he had to work with.
3. Everyone has been so busy getting ready for the wedding but now that it's over, everything is slowly __________.
4. None of my friends came to __________ when I left for Korea on a school exchange.
5. Let's __________ making a decision until we've discussed it further.
6. If people ask you about your job, don't start __________ about the problems you're having. No one wants to hear about that.
7. I'm afraid of speaking in public so I always __________ it when I'm invited to do a presentation at a conference.
8. I can't believe she __________ the entire bottle of wine by herself.
9. We haven't yet decided where to go for our honeymoon, but have __________ the choices to Thailand or Costa Rica.
10. They were both raised in big cities but they decided to buy a house and __________ in the country because they wanted a quiet life.
11. It's too windy to go kayaking right now. We need to wait for the wind to __________ before going out.
12. We're going to play a game of softball this evening. You're welcome to __________ if you'd like.
13. When the effects of the proposed legislation really __________, I think the public will be outraged.
14. The cyclists had to __________ as they came around the steep curve.
15. He has started vaping in an attempt to gradually __________ his smoking.