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Functional English

Functional language is language used for social functions, such as in a restaurant or at the doctor's office.
This page will also include vocabulary associated with a specific theme, such as crime or the weather.

Canadian Coins // Classroom Language
Complaining; Confessing; Apologizing; Forgiving; Scolding
Crime & the Law
// Interjections // Medical Vocabulary
Restaurant Language
// Useful Phrases
// The Weather


Canadian Coins

Classroom Language

Complaining; Confessing; Apologizing; Forgiving; Scolding or Admonishing


Crime & the Law (coming soon)


Interjections & Exclamations

In the future, I will add a little quiz to practise these.


Medical Vocabulary - A Visit to the Doctor



Restaurant Language



Useful Phrases in English
Click HERE for a list of useful phrases, including proper pronunciation & intonation.
The table below shows a list of the categories of phrases and examples of each.

Examples of Useful Phrases in English - Click on the link above to see the entire document

Page One
Page Two
Important questions
Discussion Phrases
Ex: How do you spell X?
Giving an opinion - Ex: In my opinion...
Asking for an opinion - Ex: What do you think?
Ex: How's it going? Oh, can't complain.
Agreeing & Disagreeing - Ex: I feel the same way.
Weekend expressions
If you don't understand - Ex: I don't follow you.
Ex: What were you up to on the weekend?
Clarifying - Ex: What I mean is...
Short responses
Checking for understanding - Ex: Are you with me so far?
Ex: Awesome!
Confirming comprehension - Ex: Do you mean to say that...
Expressing likes & dislikes
Conceding a point - Ex: I see your point.
Ex: I'm not really wild about...
Adding information - Ex: You know what else?
Telling a story
Prolonging a discussion - Ex: Some people say...
Ex: Did I ever tell you about the time...
Getting back on topic - Ex: Where was I? Oh yeah...










Weather Vocabulary